Write it, Baby!

(write or die)

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Wednesday 25th of February 2009: WE'RE BACK!!!!
(I just wrote "we're Bach", for some reason. I don't think we are..)


Basic Premise: SOMEONE in this community must WRITE, DRAW or MUSIC or generally MAKE something and post it in this community at least ONCE A DAY or SOMETHING WILL EXPLODE. Possibly the WHOLE WORLD. So.

Rules, or General STUFF

1. Writings must be at least 99 words long. (Use your discretion for musics/arts/food (why not?!) etc...) Writings may be either typed, handwritten & scanned or read aloud & recorded... have I missed anything out?

2. Spamming the comments in an interesting way is encouraged.

3. If the need strikes, you may post more than once a day ^^

4. Weekly themes: There will be weekly themes, set by a different member each week. They should be posted on Friday, the week's challenge thusly starts on Saturday at 12 noon. They are optional; feel free to post something unrelated.

5. Continuous stories. We like these! Please tag appropriately if you're continuing someone else's story... (Please also generally tag appropriately. Cos Tags Are Fun and Useful.)

6. Sezan's rule: On the thirteenth of every month, each post may only take ONE MINUTE to type/play/draw. (This is the single exception to the '99 words' rule ^^)

7. Homages, arrangements, pastiches, remixes, covers, retellings and all those sorts of things allowed!

8. More rules may appear in time. But they're not scary rules... except they sort of are because the WORLD MIGHT EXPLODE if you disobey!!! Muahaha.


Anyone is welcome to join and participate in this edit-free-zone of world-saving! It's all about encouraging urgent creativity of something and worrying about the content another time. Last time we managed to keep the world safe and unexploded for a good few months with basically three people... ...it looks like we may be attempting that again as things stand ^^;;;