Hmmmkay yes. These are more random sketches of Final Fantasy type characters! Both, um, originally based on people that came into the shop today!! :))

The guy - had amazingly striking blue eyes and dark hair, wearing rather nice blue and grey :) Hence this. Not sure about the hair colour, but figured it could be more exciting than realistic perhaps.....
The girl - ...haha, yeah, just really really is my 'type', I guess XD All these girls with brown hair and eyes and strong even features and big smiles make me go all "wooow" ^^

Plot wise, they're possibly brother and sister or maybe not at all, and having drawn the girl like that, I think it'd be neat if she worked in a bakery or a cafe or a gas station or something before starting off on the big time quest. LIKE ME.
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    Wizard of Oz audiobook!! ^___^


Anyway, haha, I actually did have something to post yesterday, I just... didn't post it!?

Fireproof Princess.

The last piece for my ASCAP Film&TV Workshop submission thing (which is now DONE and GONE!) This was made... from about 8pm Tuesday evening till 3pm Wednesday. I ate two meals and slept for a couple hours and made a phone call home during that time, but other than that, this was what I did!! Um.. ahaha. As I'm writing on job applications and such these days: "I can work very well under pressure and stay productive during long sessions." *dies*

It's about Jessie and Avalanche, yes :)) The general ff7 connection is supposed to explain why it borrows themes from the other piece!
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Accursed tomfoolery

Well here we go, hoping that no one's going to beat me to today as they always seem to.
Here's just something i've for some reason been up to today, I do love me some microsoft paint. Photoshop is grand and all, but it just doesn't have the simple delight of pixelated lines.

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A thouroughly unoriginal idea inspired by the ever benevolent Video Game Name Generator

All the best.

WIP thing.

I thought this up a while back and was tinkering again with melody etc. tonight. Still not sure whether it will be just piano or piano+voice. Probably will write lyrics At Some Point. Yuss.

WIP of a Thing

Also, totally unrelated random poetic prose fragment THING which just sort of randomly happened in notepad while I was doing something else and has no relevance to anything much, except possibly the fact that I spent all evening submerged in memories from old paper journals, so make of it what you will. xD

Doors, closed softly, make no sound as I unravel; no single whisper escapes my stony lips this time. Temporal battles settle into shallow graves shaped by every resolute step, so I gather my breath & I let go & something comes away in my hand & I notice that the walls are disappearing & we no longer exist in this place.

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RIGHT. So, yes, yes, yes, the world just exploded several times in a row, oh well.

But! Using ingenuity and a bit of time-travel I shall un-explode it by posting three things at once. I'm not sure if this is legal or indeed if it will work, but there you go!

Also I promised "millions of WIPs", didn't I? ^^ Not exactly happening, but... two!?

Edit: mmkay, all should be up now!

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And now back to your scheduled programming...

edit: ...ok, it is not my fault that the internet decided to die at 10 minutes to midnight!
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The world has ended!

And therefore it seems fitting for me to post, as I'm becoming more frequently considered as part of the apocalypse (well, at least the mice that still remain in our house must be thinking so).

In keeping with the doom-laden overtones of this post, I bring you news of an alliterative sort, with "The Chronicle of the Caffeine-Crazed Cupcake Killer", whose criminal and convoluted cogitations caused chaos one Christmas as he "confiscated" countless cardioids, creating chasms, then, colluding with confectioners, collected cakes to use as calling cards, cramming cupcakes into the cavities earlier created. Not cute. Not comic. But in which events you may have complete confidence.

It really is the end of the world where something somewhat less substantial, slightly more strange and surreal, with increased sibilance (and awful alliteration) will suffice... but suffice it must for now. Now I must dash - got three horsemen to meet, and my steed seems to have escaped.



Am slightly late! But I see someone else has already posted (never mind those 2 minutes ;)) so oh well. I'll post for the next day. ^.~

This is literally just me rubbishly messing with my vocoder. Um yes. I don't know why I've never tried this before! It is fun! I must do proper vocodery thingums at some future-ish point.... *ponder*

I am a mole and I live in a hole

p.s. I know I know the music itself is pretty awful, 'specially the drums! Ahahaha. But I don't care. It was just a test. So tharrr. :D